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EA is not really in the business of home renovations or interior design. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as architects of attainable dreams. We know good design does not have to be expensive, and so we enjoy showing homeowners how they can make their homes look fantastic, without compromising on quality, timelines or expectations.

As a boutique interior design agency that builds attainable dreams, we choose to work with only a few clients at a time so that we can give each of them the time needed to thoroughly understand their family’s current and future requirements. This ensures that our recommendations – while design-focused – are always practical, and will serve their current needs while withstanding the tests of time.

And through Super100, our inhouse home-contractor services brand that offers a complete suite of services, we are able to take care of our clients for life, providing unrivalled continuity in capability and flexibility for all their home repair, maintenance and service needs.

How we Work

What we don't do

Good design does not have to cost more than bad or average design. At EA, we ensure that good design is the foundation of everything we do.

Unlike other renovation professionals, we won’t give you 3D drawings that we have previously created for other clients. Every 3D drawing we send you – even before you sign a contract with us – is created fresh, customised specially with you in mind.

Lastly, although we only work with a few clients at a time, we will never turn down a project because it is too small for us. The positivity and appreciation we get from every happy client is enough reason for us to take on any project – even if it is a simple job requiring Super100 contracting services.

Our Story

How we do it

“People are at the core of our business. Ideas can happen any time, anywhere, but they won’t get realised without good hardworking people giving their all to everything they do.“

Our Managing Director, Edwin, has been in the interior design industry for well over a decade and half, which includes overseeing home contractor and services brand Super100.

When he decided to start EA Interior Designs Pte Ltd, he realised that the primary reasons for his great success and job satisfaction at his previous firm had everything to do with him giving his best to the people around him.

Super100’s current dominance and penetration of a fiercely price-competitive and undifferentiated home service and contractors market also convinced him that focusing on people is worth its weight in gold.

Today, his dedication to developing people and relationships is encapsulated by his favourite quote from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.”

Recognising that people are at the core of business success – people being both employees and clients – Edwin has put his beliefs into practice by making the core values at EA that our people must be honest, sincere and offer their best to our clients, so that we can build a long-lasting relationship with them, based on a strong foundation of trust.

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